WISE AVI(Extraction plate detection)

BSVISION SMART AVI is an industrial image acquisition, labeling, training and analysis system based on artificial intelligence deep learning. The product landing form includes AI inspection robot (BSW-AVI) and AI vision center (BSW-AIpro). It can solve the problem that it is difficult for traditional machine vision systems to identify small and complex defects.

  • ✔Recognition rate can reach more than 99%
  • ✔Fast recognition speed and high real-time performance
  • ✔Strong anti-interference ability in complex scenarios
  • ✔24 hours uninterrupted monitoring

Video stream collection of factory conditions
Video, image, and sound data real-time video stream capture or recording video stream capture can include edge computing functions
Structured analysis hub
Integrated software and hardware, equipped with Bestway BSW-AIpro, can complete deep learning, model training, recognition and verification locally
AI big data platform
Provide multi-threaded large-scale data management, data visualization and data application services. Can support third-party data import and existing business platform data connection.

Compared with human vision

  • More consistent-It runs around the clock and maintains the quality level in every production line, every shift and every factory.
  • More reliable-Identify every defect outside the set tolerance.
  • Faster-Identify defects in milliseconds, support high-speed applications and improve throughput.

Compared with traditional machine vision

  • High precision-The latest deep learning framework carried by BSW-AIpro can ensure the high precision and accuracy of defect detection, and the software has excellent performance in processing speed.
  • Neural Networks-It is no longer necessary to design specific algorithms for specific image features, but to extract and analyze features through convolutional neural networks.

Compared with deep learning open source

  • High compatibility-The software can flexibly run on a variety of computing chips without being restricted by hardware devices. Able to realize parallel processing of heterogeneous hardware.
  • Customization-In terms of training models, the software can provide more options, including algorithms, model layers, etc. Support for customizing specific algorithms for projects, and more flexibly and vertically to solve the fundamental needs of users.