> The equipment comes with an intelligent detection system, the AI system software improves the learning function, and the AI system and image processing capabilities can achieve full coverage of FPC defects, high detection, and low false alarms.                                                                             

> High detection efficiency, fast speed, simple production process, high efficiency and economy, greatly saving labor costs                                                                            

> Seamless connection with customer systems (SPC, data system, MES link, etc.).                                                                            

> Fully automatic stringing detection equipment, both connected and separate lines can be tested; independent double bins and online track design can meet the various needs of customers’ process technology.                         

> Feeding mode: It can be used for manual stacking and extraction, or it can be directly extracted and loaded with the track electric test.                                                                          

> Detectable items: gold-plated indentation, gold-plated copper leakage, gold-plated scratches, gold-plated discoloration, identification point leakage, TH hole deviation, gold finger crease, bend damage and other device appearance inspection defects are fully covered.