Development road

BSVISION optical technology is an early domestic enterprise engaged in artificial intelligence algorithm research and application engineering, and has been focusing on end-to-end AI technology basic research and computer vision technology application research and development. The company’s product lines based on the following AI core technologies have been applied in vertical fields such as FPC testing, 3C manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, and precision machining manufacturing to reduce costs and increase efficiency for industry customers.

Elite Team

Our team originated from the top artificial intelligence and enterprise-level IT technology companies in Japan and the United States, and has nearly 10 years of technology research and application foundation in the field of artificial intelligence. It brings together experts and talents in artificial intelligence fields including ACER, SHARP, SONY, INTEL,GOOGLE,BAIDU, Soochow University, Shanghai University, Southeast University and so on.

Global Vision

We have a global perspective. The headquarters of BSVISION is set up in Suzhou, the sales application center is set up in Shenzhen, and joint overseas R&D centers have been established with partners in the United States, Singapore, and Malaysia. At the same time, we actively cooperate with Soochow University, Southeast University and other scientific research institutions. , To accelerate the research and development and application of artificial intelligence to empower traditional industries.


Join Us

Choosing BSVISION, you will join the leading artificial intelligence team in China; change the world together with senior experts, professors and engineers.