BSW dome mountain hike

Dome mountain

Wujun famous mountain, the first mountain, green heart in Bixiao.

Linquan natural and unrestrained haze show, straight to the end of the house.

Song Dynasty – Yang Bei

Despite the various scenes in the world and the five flavors that separate the world of mortals, on a sunny morning, the staff of the management department of Bestway came to the sparsely but not crowded, gentle but not dangerous dome mountain scenic spot!

On January 30, 2021, Fenghe, Rili and Renzhi will be held. When I first arrived at the foot of dome mountain, I looked up to the mountain and saw the green and swaying bamboo forest. Even at the foot of the mountain, I could feel the cool green coming to me. Let me go on foot.

When you enter the mountain gate, you can see the rocky cliffs, the trees yellow with green, and a breath of nature. Along a stone path, one step three fold to the mountains, every place, they covet the beauty, heart yearning for love, long stay refused to move forward!

Go straight to the Wanghu Pavilion at the middle of the mountain. In the middle of the Wanghu garden, near the edge of the top of the mountain, there is a praying altar. The reverse side of the altar records the time when Emperor Qianlong ascended the altar six times to pray for blessings. On the front side, it says “Qianlong praying altar on the sixth vault”. The viewing platform of Wanghu garden is about several hundred square meters, which is a good place to enjoy the scenery.

Emperor Qianlong visited the south of the Yangtze River six times. Every time he came to Kunlong mountain, he would come here to see Taihu Lake and enjoy the scenery, so it was named “Wanghu garden”. Now there are hotels, teahouses, restaurants and conference halls, and there are nine villas in the park, which can be used for leisure and vacation.

Although it’s the winter sun, I feel more and more poisonous and hot, and the clothes on my back have been soaked! After a short rest, we took a group photo by the way, and then set off again.

Along another stone path down the mountain, along the way, with dense bamboo forest and leisurely scenery, walking on the stone path with swaying bamboo shadow and Mottled sunshine, it really has a wonderful feeling of “winding path leading to secluded place” in ancient poetry!

After walking for about 20 minutes and turning right at a mountain pass, we came to Sunwu culture garden. Sun Wu Mao Peng, Sun Wu Memorial Hall, military science temple

After entering the “military pilgrimage” hall, we visited the buildings and all kinds of cold weapons in the spring and Autumn period. Then, we went to the “military pilgrimage” hall to see the huge statue of Sun Wu. On both sides of the statue, there are two couplets: Hidden dome, 13 chapters devoted to the eternal soldier saint, and Wu’s thirty years of life in Longchang!

Out of the “Sunwu Cultural Park”, the walking of Bestway is also over. Although we are tired, we are about to get down, but everyone’s soul has been sublimated! Looking up at the sky, I feel that the sun is still a bit spicy, but I know that everyone’s heart is pure! Thanks to this mountain, thanks to the bamboo on this mountain, thanks to the eternal aura contained in this mountain, giving us unlimited wonderful wisdom and spiritual enjoyment!